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CheatSheet - Know your shortcuts 

Wonderful Mac app from Stefan Fürst.

Just hold the ⌘-Key a bit longer to get a list of all active short cuts of the current application. It’s as simple as that.

Dan Moren Reviews iOS 5 

iOS 5 introduces many new features and improvements. Besides Reminders, Notification Center, and iMessage, here are two of my favorites:

While your phone is locked, you can double click the Home button to get a new Camera button next to the unlock slider. Tap that and you’ll jump right into the Camera interface.


In a much-requested addition, you can also now click the iPhone’s volume up button to take a picture instead of tapping the shutter icon.

Come on, Apple. What happened to sweating the details? Make him proud.


Thanks, Steve.

Posting designs like this one makes me paranoid, because I can’t shake the feeling that it’s not original. I enjoyed the process regardless, but please let me know if somebody else beat me to the idea!


(via designlanguage)


The New York Times has a look at some of the 313 Apple patents that list Steven P. Jobs among the group of inventors.

Thanks for inspiring us. We already miss you.

I’ve been looking at the Google logo on the iPhone and I’m not happy with the icon. The second O in Google doesn’t have the right yellow gradient. It’s just wrong and I’m going to have Greg fix it tomorrow. Is that okay with you?

Steve Jobs to Vic Gundotra during a Sunday morning phone call.

[via Daring Fireball]


On the topic of Steve Jobs: I always liked this little nerdy ‘easter egg’ they threw in to have the text of their infamous 1998 “Think Different” ad written on the notepad of the TextEdit icon. You can’t even really read it unless you zoom in all the way on your icons, but it’s these kind of absurd minute details that Steve Jobs is notorious for. The products Apple create would not have the quality nor the appeal they currently do, if not for Steve’s sharp eye for design. Or really I’m just a nerdy graphic designer and I like silly stuff like this.

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