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Vinyl Is Back 

The Economist:

People used to buy bootleg CDs and Japanese imports containing music that none of their friends could get hold of. Now that almost every track is available free on music-streaming services like Spotify or on a pirate website, music fans need something else to boast about. That limited-edition 12-inch in translucent blue vinyl will do nicely.

I will always cherish my vinyl collection. My online store also carries many releases that are only available on vinyl. Go earn your bragging rights.

A Dark Day for Independent Music and Film 

A fire set as part of the ongoing London riots has destroyed the Sony-owned PIAS distribution warehouse, decimating the physical stock of most of the UK’s independent music and film labels.

So sad. Please support your favorite artists and record labels by buying their releases, whether digital or physical. Some of my favorite labels were affected (full list on the PIAS site):

Brownswood Recordings

Buzzin’ Fly


Freerange Records

Poker Flat

Soul Jazz Records

I have several older vinyl releases from all of these labels in stock at Monfresh Recastow. If you prefer digital, I recommend these stores:




Dancetracks Digital

Juno Download



Self portrait by Mike Lloyd.

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Project Thirty-Three features some great vinyl LP covers.

Here’s another one that caught my eye:

I love the nod to Blue Note in this album cover for the compilation “Music For Jazz Dancers" on the UK label Freestyle Records.

I featured one of the songs in this compilation on my radio show a couple of weeks ago. Listen to “Free Hands” by The Brian Lynch & Eddie Palmieri Project on Monfresh Sessions #180.

The GGRP Record Player

A record player created from a piece of corrugated cardboard that folds into an envelope. Once assembled, a record can be spun on the player with a pencil. The vibrations go through the needle and are amplified in the cardboard material.

Also comes with a retro commercial.

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One of many hand-cut vinyl silhouettes by Sillyette. You can buy them for $20 on Etsy. They also offer custom silhouettes of yourself, child, pet or whatever you want for $30.

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42 Plays

Terence Trent D’Arby - Dance Little Sister (Shep Pettibone Remix)

From my vinyl collection. This version is available on the 12” single and CD single. The other long version on the 12” is available in digital format on LalaiTunes and Amazon.

What did you think of Danny’s version of this song on American Idol?

terence trent d'arby - dance little sister 12" jacket

terence trent d'arby - dance little sister - 12" single side a

One of 11 photos from the flying things series by vivien weyrauch and fabian röttger.

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